E-book Souls Dancing the Tango

"Souls Dancing the Tango" is a follow-up book to "Souls Dancing Imperial Waltz". As the name suggests, the second part is written with even greater determination and temperament to help others. That is people who are still struggling in relationships and in other areas of their lives. After reading and understanding the book, we become our own Gods. The book will reveal to you the great secret of the functioning of not only partner relationships. Women will understand that the source of love in them is the most important thing in the world and it is necessary to learn to work with it. Men, in turn, work on their self-esteem and understand how important freedom is to them. In this way, our lives suddenly turn into a meaningful path, moreover, encouraged by creativity and creativity in us. Everyone here on earth has a task for us, and the book will help you discover it. I am convinced that you will find deep thoughts in it that will move you back to yourself. Back to our interior, from which some of us turned away in our childhood.

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