E-book Order of the Universe


This healing book works as a working aid. Each chapter aims to bring the reader to a deeper reflection. The fact that it is always accompanied by the image to which I was led opens a certain topic for processing. 

Thanks to this way of working, the reader has the opportunity to move one step further, towards himself. The content of the book conveys the main laws of the functioning of the universe. The chapters do not follow each other in any way, in this way they form a complex for asking questions, each individual should be gently exposed during his life. 

In the environment of this way of conveying information and reflection, the reader is allowed to answer the following questions first: 

What does it mean to follow the path of soul, heart, and reason? 

How does the universe communicate with us? 

How should we work on ourselves? 

What can be the cause of our weaknesses or strengths? 

I believe that everyone who waits to read the book will get at least a little information that is important for their life here on Earth. 

After ordering and purchasing e-books, I send the book in PDF to your e-mail.

99.00 Kč