Welcome to my website! 

My name is Aneta Schauerová and I live my paths here - the earthly and the space journey. 

With gradual development and parallel related learning, I pass on my acquired and acquired to others. 

I pass on in the form of texts, videos, and drawings that will interest who they are interested in. 

I have exactly what belongs to me. 

I am driven by faith, by an inner force, but also by that force from outside that influences situations for the good of all. 

My beginning here - Extending my horizon to the fact that I can consciously strive to be a better person and thus work on myself. I was attracted by the magic of being able to choose how I would approach other and different life situations and thus change my relationships and my life. 

And so the first book was created - Souls dancing the imperial waltz

The second book was then offered as I analyzed the relationships - between a man and a woman for their common happiness. 

Now it's happening ... everything (is) possible ..